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Valor Media began as a dream in 2014 by Michael and Sarah Stover who longed to see good ideas marketed. Your ideas included.

 1. You Share your IDEAS AND story

What makes you passionate? What dreams do you have in your life and for your organization? Fill out our application and let us know your thoughts and dreams.

2. We hear your IDEAS AND story

We read over your application and soak in your hopes, dreams, and endeavors and see if you are a good fit for our agency and decide who is the right person to place you with on our team to fulfill your desires.

3. We reach out to you

We reach out to you to schedule a free 30-minute consultation. From there, we hear your needs and see how Valor can benefit you. Even if you don’t sign on with us, we always want to give you at least one actionable step you can implement to better your brand.

Dream with boldness. Live with relentless valor.

The dream of Valor Media began under an old oak tree that shaded a two-seater wooden swing they sat on. Thoughts flowed between the two who had only been married less than a year of developing an agency that marketed and promoted Christians in the realms of business, non-profit work, music and entertainment, education, media, and more.

They saw marketing as a way to have great ideas to gain traction in the culture. And it very well could be your ideas they were envisioning. 

Life happened and Sarah developed a worsening of her neurological condition that left her bedridden with almost hourly seizures and disabling walking issues just weeks after this dream was formulated. Michael and Sarah’s story was picked up by the Associated Press and was in the Washington Post among other media outlets. 

Since then, they have both been even more devoted to serving people with their dreams because their own was almost highjacked. They never gave up on this dream because they had relentless valor. It’s this relentless valor they infuse into Valor Media with their team and with their projects. 

Their passion is helping Christians with their marketing needs, specifically in the areas of brand development and developing a clear marketing vision and strategy. They also love coaching people with strategies to fulfill their goals and dreams, which is why they developed a coaching arm of Valor Media here.

So now it’s time for us to ask you. How can we infuse relentless valor into your brand? Let us know here.

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Dream with boldness. Live with relentless valor.


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