What does Valor Media Consultants do? 

Valor Media Consultants exists to help market and build the spheres of influence for Christians.


Who does Valor Media Consultants serve?

Valor Media Consultants serves Christians in the areas of business, ministry, and non-profit work. We also serve individuals looking to build their own brand platform including faith-based bloggers and podcasters and individuals in the entertainment industry. Really, we just want to help the body of Christ thrive.


Do you exclusively serve Christians?

No, we also serve people who are not self-proclaiming Christians. It’s just that our niche’ is working with organizations that have a faith-based core.


Speaking of niche,’ what does Valor Media Consultants specialize in?

We specialize in helping believers build their brand and overall vision. We know you have an already great idea for your organization or personal brand, but you’re just struggling where to go next. You want to propel your organization forward and you may have even researched how, but you’re at a loss. You look at your logo, your website, and your brand itself and you just don’t feel proud of it. We exist to infuse valor into your brand.

Valor is defined as courage, but also value. We want to inject both courage and value into every project we create for you. We want you to walk into a party, into your next meeting, and into church with a natural conversation that exudes the pride you have in your brand.

Do you know why? We know that you will be your organization’s best brand ambassador because it’s already your baby! This includes helping to clarify your messaging, creating a memorable logo that reflects your message, helping to pick colors that fit the feel of your organization to a “T,” crafting you with a website that encompasses your brand design, and helping with any of your design needs, be it branded graphic images to share on social media, product design packaging if you’re in a commerce sphere or even customized product photography. We also help you to connect to your audience through the power of strong copy both verbal and written, as well as coaching you through a webinar or even a digital conference that will further solidify your voice and message to your audience. We want them to see the Lion of Judah through your brand. We want to see your brand go from struggling to roaring.



Do you offer any other services outside of branding? 

Yes, we offer a whole page of services! If you just know you need general help with marketing, that’s okay. We can help you pick a package customized to your needs.