Divi’s having a huge Black Friday blowout. What does any of this even mean? Well, first off, Divi is a beautifully designed website builder that works with WordPress websites.

We personally purchased the Divi Elegant Themes website builder three years ago on a Black Friday deal. I had already had Divi installed on one of my sites from a friend’s installation and loved it. I created my own custom, wireframe from its easy drag and drop system (they now have a visual builder that makes building a website even more user-friendly) and I was able to add fade-in and slide-in effects (they’ve since added more animations than these).

After using another website builder, I can say I love Divi because it is super user friendly whether you’re making custom websites from scratch or using their already pre-built templates in their Divi library. Whichever route you go, you can customize your site to your brand which is a major drawing card, in my opinion.

So after six years of experience with Divi, I can honestly say it’s a great product with great service. If I ever have an issue where I hit a brick wall, I go to the chat support with Divi and usually have a response at least within several hours.

Divi's Black Friday Sale

Onto the best part, Divi will be offering a huge Black Friday deal on November the 27th. They’re giving away massive discounts, free prizes, and exclusive bonus gifts for newbies and lifetime members like me.

So make sure you head on over to Divi’s website on November 27th to grab their discounts and to have a chance to win some of their amazing prizes with some of their partner companies.

As a Black Friday deal snagger of Divi’s in the past, trust me, you’ll want to do this.